El Ministerio del Tiempo’s Season Two Finale and Felipe II’s Historical Legacy in Spain

Historian Henry Kamen has devoted a significant portion of his career to vindicating Felipe II’s historical legacy, most notably through his biographical study Philip of Spain (1997), but also through studying the Duke of Alba (2004), Historical myth and national identity in Spain (2008), and El Escorial, Felipe II’s most memorable architectural project (2010). As reviews of these works can attest, Kamen has not done so without garnering considerable criticism, largely from Spanish historians. In this presentation, I will examine how the Season Two Finale of El Ministerio del Tiempo reflects ongoing debates about Felipe II’s historical legacy since the early nineteenth century, in both literary and non-literary works.


THIS ABSTRACT IS PART OF A PANEL "El Ministerio del Tiempo and Historical Fiction in Contemporary Spain" chaired by Christine Blackshaw Naberhaus, Mount Saint Mary's University


  • Spanish Peninsular Studies

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