Fray Luis de León: Translating Mystery in De los nombres de Cristo

Translating mystery for vernacular readers is at once an imaginative exercise and devotional act explicitly defended by Fray Luis de León in the dedication to his magisterial work, De los nombres de Cristo. He bolsters his choice to translate parts of sacred scripture into castellano reminding putative critics that prophets composed divinely inspired biblical autographs in vernacular to serve as a universal consolation, clear and faithful light and remedy for the travails of life.  His exegesis and explication of biblical texts may be seen not only as an informed interpretation of the names of Christ but also as excursus that echoes through the voices of his dialogical interlocutors, Sabino, Marcello and Juliano.  The dialogue form facilitates resonant voices of three theologians as they offer multilayered theological renderings like sonorous recitatives from various viewpoints about the mystery and rich panoply of meanings contained in the names of the Christ.  


  • Spanish Peninsular Studies