Borgesian Echoes in TNT’s The Librarians

Part of a pre-organized panel:  Infinitely Borges:  Reflections on Borges and his Legacy – A panel in memory of Donald L. Shaw


Like it’s precursor trilogy, The Librarian, TNT’s TV Series The Librarians is full of Borgesian imagery and references.  Firstly, there is the endless library which houses the tree of Knowledge from which a parallel could be drawn to Borges’s “La biblioteca de Babel” and the secret God-book that would explain all existence located in one of its hexagons.  Furthermore, in the series, the Library disappears into another dimension, bringing up multiple universes and possibilities such as those brought up in “El jardín de senderos que se bifurcan.”  Further explorations into other dimensions take place when a trans-dimensional labyrinth traps the librarians and brings them face to face with a Minotaur.  There are numerous allusions to Aleph-like elements that bring together all of space and time.  In this paper I will explore the Borgesian in the popular TV series and demonstrate how Borges’s literature continues to influence popular culture today.



  • Spanish American Studies