Latin American Writers in the Spanish fin de siglo

This paper examines the crucial role Latin American writers played in bringing foreign ideas into Spain during the 1890s.  In his essays of 1912 on the formation of the Generation of 1898, Azorín recognized the necessity of foreign influences to regenerate national literature.  However, with the exception of Rubén Darío, key writers from Latin America remain left out of Azorin's recollection.  This omission seems puzzling given the praise the early Azorin gave to Latin American critics and writers such as Emilio Bobadilla and others from Latin America.  Indeed, Latin American writers played a significant role regenerating Spanish literature by understanding and spreading foreign ideas (mainly French) through their journalism published in Spain during the 1890s.  Contemporary scholarship on the fin de siglo in Spain should examine these forogtten contributions from Latin American writers whose key role has been overlooked. 


  • Spanish American Studies