Border Imagination: Integration and Disintegration

Border Studies have introduced theories, historical studies, political investigations, and cultural production exploring the lived Border experience on both sides of the Mexican and USA divide.  There have been shared communications amongst scholars on both sides of the Border and concomitant to those dialogues have been shared stories of family, community, etc.  However, the stories with all their similarities have multiple perspectives due to different starting points of many writers and investigators.  On the border they’re multiple viewpoints that are more than “us versus them.”  These many viewpoints are bridged through the rich cultural production taking place in Mexico and the United States.

With the imagination one can span the centuries of history that separate and unite two countries and their tumultuous politics.  Art bridges borders without having to resort to passports and official crossing stations.  Literature reflects reality of communities that extend beyond borders because of a shared language, culture and religion.  The revolving integration of disintegration of people taking place in communities along the border can be explored in its cultural production.  Becoming and unbecoming who we see ourselves to be and how we conduct ourselves is a personal and community “revolution” that cannot and should not be stopped.


  • Spanish American Studies