Creating and Submitting an Abstract


Before creating an abstract, please make sure that your name and affiliation in your user account appear exactly as you want them to appear in the program. For instructions on how to edit your user account, click here.

All abstracts and panel proposals must be submitted online using the abstract submission form (link below).

Below is an example of an abstract submission (NOTE: use underscores ( _ ) in the “Title” field to indicate italicized words in your abstract title):

Before submitting your abstract, please review the following:

  • Do not include any personal information in the body of your abstract.
  • Specify the relevant track from the drop down menu, and whether or not you have arranged to be part of a panel.

Once you submit, you will receive a confirmation e-mail.

Panel proposals of 5 presentations should be submitted as follows: The panel organizer should electronically submit a panel proposal. The panel proposal cannot exceed one page in length and should include the theme of the panel, the organizer's name and contact information, and the names, contact information and affiliations of the panel participants. Each participant MUST submit an individual abstract using our online system in addition to the panel proposal. Please indicate that your presentation is part of a pre-organized panel and list the title and organizer of the panel in the abstract.

To submit an abstract or panel proposal online, click here (make sure that you are logged in).

For general conference guidelines, click here.