About KFLC

Founded in 1948, the KFLC is one of the country's longest-running literary, linguistics, pedagogy, and technology conferences.  Our event takes place each April at the University of Kentucky campus, in Lexington, Kentucky.  We host over 650 participants annually, and over 85% of our presenters hold Ph.D.s in their respective fields.  

We would like to recognize the hard work and guidance of the Executive Committee, and thank  the University of Kentucky College of Arts and Sciences and the UK Office of the Vice President for Research.

We would also like to thank Noah Adler for website and on-line abstract administration. We appreciate the contributions of Ala Mediouri, who graciously provides us with technical support throughout the conference. We would also like to thank Edwina Taylor for all of her hard work with our many catering needs. Finally, many thanks to Bond Jacobs at the Lexington Convention and Visitors Bureau, our speakers, organizers, chairs, participants and dedicated volunteers.